Junior 2 Compressor

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3 Phase & Single Phase

JUNIOR II – The compact classic among mobile breathing air compressors 

With compact dimensions and advanced technology and an extensive range of applications.

For sport divers, shipping, respiratory applications, paintball, sport shooting and many more

Really easy to transport, outstandingly light in weight and easy to handle.

Durability, reliability, versatility in application and compact flexibility have made the JUNIOR II a global classic and genuine best seller with more than 100,000 units sold the world over.

Dimensions on a very small scale and sophisticated technology make our most compact mobile breathing air compressor ideal for shipping, as a diving compressor, in respiratory applications, and as a compressor for paintball and sport shooting.

In short, it is a must for anyone looking for absolutely clean and safe breathing air for use in mobile applications.

This quiet and compact unit can be carried easily by a single person and will fit in almost any car boot.

Junior II

100 litres per minute fill rate (3.5 cfm)

225 Bar working pressure

P21 filtration system

SINGLE PHASE Drive unit 240v 50Hz 2.2 KW

3 Stages

2300 rpm

46kgs 66cm x 36cm x 42cm