Scubapro S-TEK Pro System

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Scubapro S-TEK Pro System

The Scubapro S-Tek Pro Single System is Scubapro's top of the line single tank backplate and wing system! The streamlined 30lb wing makes for an extremely low profile system, where the 40lb wing offers the option to dive single and twin tanks!

The Pro system comes with molded monprene pads on the shoulders, waist and backplate for extreme comfort. The harness come with Tek Loc adjustable shoulder straps to ensure a snug fit (like the previous X-Tek Form system!).

The improved rounded profile of the wing reduces air trapping and is extremely abrasion resistant with its 1000D Cordura outer shell and 5000 Cordura inner bladder.

Colour kits are an optional extra as are the S-Tek trim weight pockets which can be added to the back of the backplate.

With recessed wing nut sockets, the wing nuts can be tightened or loosened even with wet hands or gloves on! Add a handy carry handle, pre-bent D-rings on the shoulders (and D-rings on the waist and crotch straps) and guide bands to keep your inflator hose in place, and this system really is the S-Tek flagship!

The S-Tek Pro System includes:

  • Pro Harness
  • Backplate of choice (aluminium or steel)
  • Wing of choice (30lb or 40lb)
  • S-Tek Inflator with Inflator Hose
  • Single Tank Adapter
  • Monprene Weight Pocket System (similar to the Hydros BCD)
  • Molded Monprene Pads (shoulders, waist and backplate)
  • Optional Trim Weight Pockets

Buying the S-Tek Pro System as a complete setup will save you hundreds!

See individual pricing below:

  • Pro Harness RRP $670
  • Donut Wing 30lb RRP $580
  • Donut Wing 40lb RRP $615
  • Weight System RRP $195
  • Single Tank Adapter RRP $258
  • Trim Pockets RRP $86