Scubapro S-TEK PURE System

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Scubapro S-TEK PURE System

The Scubapro S-Tek Pure Single System comes with either a 30lb or a 40lb wing. The 30lb wing gives you a super streamlined single tank system. The 40lb wing offers is much wider and offers you the option to dive either single tanks or twin tanks with it!

Add a splash of colour to your tech system with the different colour kits or keep the black tech look and pick either a stainless steel backplate for extra weight or the light aluminium backplate! The choice is yours!

The Scubapro Pure harness is a traditional continous webbing harness. You can choose to keep the harness at fixed shoulder-length for ultimate simplicity or use the extender mode, which allows your shoulder straps to come out, for easier donning or doffing.

The 1000D Cordura wing with 5000 Cordura inner bladder comes with a Scubapro light weight Tek K-Style BPI for smooth balanced air control.

The 3D backplate has been redesigned with more natural webbing routing to increase comfort. It has recessed wing nut sockets with S-Tek Ergo Nuts so they're easy to tighten or loosen with wet hands or gloves.

Convenience is key with a carry handle for easy carrying, guide bands to keep the inflator hose and straps in place and pre-bent D-rings on the shoulders, a D-ring on the waist and two D-rings on the crotch strap to easily clip your gear on!

S-Tek Pure System includes:

  • Pure Harness
  • Backplate of choice (aluminium or steel)
  • Wing of choice (30lb or 40lb)
  • S-Tek Inflator with Inflator Hose
  • Single Tank Adapter
  • Monprene Weight Pocket System (similar to the Hydros BCD)
  • Optional Trim Weight Pockets


Buying the S-Tek Pure System as a complete setup will save you hundreds!


See individual pricing below:


  • Pure Harness RRP $495
  • Donut Wing 30lb RRP $580
  • Donut Wing 40lb RRP $615
  • Weight System RRP $195
  • Single Tank Adapter RRP $258
  • Trim Pockets RRP $86