2P Thermo Shield Hooded Poncho

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Adrenalin 2P Adult Thermal Poncho is on the sliced-bread level of best things because it is an incredibly versatile product. These thermal Ponchos from Adrenalin are made in a similar vein to a towel poncho but add an extra level of glory in that they provide thermal protection whilst wicking cold water from the inside of the garment. You read that right, this garment protects from wind-chill while using that very same element to pull moisture away from your skin, therefore making you dry and warm - technical ponchos anyone? 

Adrenalin 2P Adult Thermal Poncho is made from a waterproof fibre that reduces wind-chill while wicking water and stretches like made - up to 170% without deformation.  This immense stretch lends the poncho to use by kayakers and canoers because the quick-dry material reduces the build-up of paddle drips and is stretchy enough to contain a PFD, all the while covering and providing a minor amount of padding to your knees.

Adrenalins rigorously developed 2P thermal range is the result of painstaking research that has culminated in a vast range of all-purpose thermals for use out, on or in the water - check out the Adrenalin 2P Thermal Range here. The unique hydrophobic nature (repels water) of the Adrenalin 2P is key to the thermal qualities of the range as it works to block cold air whilst wicking cold water/moisture/sweat away from your skin - did you know the effect of wind-chill is increased by up to 25x on wet skin!?  The supple inner fleece of the entire Adrenalin 2P range is key to the success of these products for use on both land & water. You can rest assured that youre getting top-notch UV protection with the  UPF50+ Rating - the highest possible.


Adrenalin 2P Adult Thermal Poncho Features

  • 2P Technical Polyfleece: a hydrophobic (repels water) material that dries in a flash because it cant hold water. This provides protection against wind-chill where most rashies will actually make you colder because wind-chill is 25x more effective on a wet surface.
  • 170% 4-Way Stretch: Adrenalins 2P boasts significant levels of stretch and one touch of a 2P garment confirms that. 170% basically means that 1m of material can stretch to 1.7m without deformation - this level of stretch comfortably covers the entire range of human anatomy.
  • Inner Fleece: a plush-inner lining completes the package by way of its supple feel against the skin but its not just for comfort as it assists in wicking water away from your skin.
  • 50+ UPF Rating: TGA compliant ultraviolet protection factor, blocks at least 98% of radiation.
  • Flat-lock Stitched Seams: as the name suggests, this seam is flat but the real glory lies in its unrivalled durability. Learn more about seams