Cressi Tecnica 3.5mm Open Cell Wetsuit

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Cressi's Tecnica 2-piece wetsuit features a new camouflage design allowing divers to remain hidden when applied in the right dive setting. Constructed of highly elastic single-lined ultraspan neoprene, lined on the inside with black metallite and fitted with durable knee pads on the internal John, this suit is especially comfortable and durable.

Cressi Tecnica 3.5mm Wetsuit Features:

  • Integrated hood: You lose most of your body warmth through your head, so a hood is a great way to get a lot of added warmth. It also means your mask strap is unable to tangle with your hair.
  • Open-Cell Neoprene: This type of neoprene can be tricky to put on so we'd recommend using some wetsuit lube.
  • Anti-wear reinforcements at the elbows and knees: Often when spearing you'll come into contact with some abrasive surfaces like corals or rock. To protect yourself and your neoprene reinforcements have been added.
  • Chest padding for ease of loading: A crucial element of a spearfishing wetsuit, this feature takes pain out of the process.
  • Groin closure with a dovetail lanyard: Easy to do up and a failsafe way to create good water sealing and prevent your top riding up when wearing a two-piece wettie.