Rob Allen Scorpia EVO Fins

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Rob Allen Scorpia EVO fins

  • Rob Allen Scorpia fins are one of the best fitting, most durable freediving fins available today. Moulded rubber foot pocket are engineered to prevent over flexing while staying comfortable and secure with any sock thicknesses.
  • Superior transmission of leg energy to the fin blade.
  • Purpose softened blade with channels for optimum water transferal.
  • Integrated Green camo that will not wear off with use.
  • Perfect for both Freediving and Spearfishing.
  • Available in 6 sizes.

The newly added side rails on the blade, reduces sculling, enhances its performance and will easily satisfy the most diver’s needs. The blade and foot pocket has been co-moulded to ensure that they never separate. All materials used in the construction of the fin are UV stable.