Scubapro MK19 EVO/S620 TI

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A top of the line regulator with Scubapro’s top performing second stage, the S600/MK19 Evo is the combo to get if you want the most versatile and high quality set that Scubapro has to offer with an unbeatable price!

The S600 second stage was created to give a diver comfort and flexibility in almost any underwater circumstance. You will be able to tweak your air flow and adjust the system based on your needs at each individual dive site. The regulator is designed with a chrome-plated brass and lightweight techno-polymer housing paired with the highest quality air balancing system for effortless breathing capabilities. In addition to its diver-adjustable inhalation knob and Venturi Initiated Vacuum Assist (VIVA) dive/predive switch it also features an extra high flow exhaust valve account to ensure decreased inhalation resistance so your breathing is as easy underwater as it is at the surface. With comfort in mind, the S600 also comes with an orthodontic mouthpiece developed by dentists and dental laboratories to help reduce any jaw fatigue, tension and gum irritation that accompanies frequent diving. 

When paired with Scubapro’s reliable, sturdy and environmentally sealed MK19 Evo first stage, this regulator set will last you decades with proper maintenance and care. The MK19 Evo is known for its compact size, lightweight feel and ambient pressure system that allows for smooth and natural breathing underwater, and more specifically in cold water conditions. It features a user-friendly swivel turret which operates fluidly with your other low pressure connections in order to maintain flexibility underwater.